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Lefferts 26 Dentistry
Lefferts 26 Dentistry


A: Amalgam (Silver fillings- this filling material tends to outlast the more cosmetic- friendly composite filling material.)


B: Bruxism (The chronic grinding and/or clenching of teeth in the day or at night, consciously or unintentionally.)


C: Calculus (Hard deposits of calcified material around the roots of teeth of crowns.)


D: Dry Socket (The inflammation of an extraction site due to loss of the essential clotting factor that stops the bleeding.)


E: Enamel (Hard, calcified tissue that covers the crown of each tooth.)


F: Fracture: (The breaking of  a part of a tooth.)


G: Gingivitis (Inflammation of gingival tissue due to poor oral hygiene.)


H: Hypertrophied (Refers to overgrown oral tissue.)


I: Implant (A custom- made cosmetic device to be planted in the area of a missing tooth.)


J: Jaws (Common name for the maxillary and mandibular bones of the skull.)


L: Lesion (An area of deceased tissue, injury or wound.)


M: Molar (The teeth that are further back in the mouth than bicuspids, but before the wisdom teeth.)


N: Nonsuccedaneous (This term refers to a permanent tooth that does not replace a primary tooth.)


O: Orthodontist (Doctor who specializes in braces and the alignment of teeth.)


P: Prophylaxis (More commonly known as a cleaning, this is the process of using a scaler and microbrush for the purpose of removing plaque build-up and stains from the crowns of teeth, and calculus from along the border between teeth and gums.)


Q: Quadrant (One quarter of the oral cavity.)


R: Root canal (The removal of pulp/ nerve tissue that has become infected due to caries that have penetrated the root of a tooth.)


S: Sealants (Plastic resins placed on the crowns of teeth to prevent bacteria from decaying the enamel and causing cavities.


T: TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction- The improper alignment of the mandible to the maxilla, which causes abnormal functioning of the temporomandibular joint.)


U: Unerupted (Tooth that has not penetrated into the oral cavity.)


V: Veneer (A layer of composite, porcelain, ceramic, or acrylic resin attached to the facial surface of a tooth by cementation, direct fusion, or mechanical retention for cosmetic purposes.


X: X-Rays (Radiographs.)


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